Key West, Florida

I have just returned from my trip to Key West, Florida. My Dad was supposed to go on the trip but was unable to because of a crisis at his job, so I went in his stead. This was my first time in Key West and it was a really cool place. I literally ate some of the greatest food in my entire life. There is a restaurant a little ways outside of Key West called Mangrove Mama’s. Over my two visits, I had the lobster reuben, conch fritters, and the crab cake sandwich. All were incredible! Also, their potato salad was fantastic. Not my number one, but maybe my number two favorite potato salad (First is still held by Mary Lou’s BBQ in Lexington, KY). We ate at another restaurant in Key West called Salute, it had an awesome sea scallop special appetizer. I also had the yellowtail snapper sandwich and a delicious  slice of cheesecake. I didn’t get to eat at Blue Heaven, unfortunately.

I spent a lot of time out on the ocean on my Mom’s friend’s boat “Silly Goose”. It was awesome! We had incredible lunches, snorkeled, swam, and SCUBAed. I was unable to SCUBA dive because I have a terrible sinus infection and I am unable to clear my sinuses and release the pressure. But I got to see a giant grouper! He was at least 200 lbs. Overall, It was an extremely relaxing trip. I am lucky to have gotten to go on it. I also had the unfortunate experience of swimming into a jellyfish, I had been stung on my bicep and chest, it stung for about an hour but after that I was okay.  I really thought that is was supposed to sting longer but I guess I was just a big cry baby when I was a kid because it really was not as bad as I remember. I managed to take a picture after I bumped into it though and I think it turned out pretty well. The LifeProof iPhone case I bought before the trip really works and allows you to take some pretty cool pictures. Just remember not to take it below six feet of water.

Key West does have a strange feel about it though, It does not feel like your ordinary vacation spot. It seems like there is a very odd air about the place, as if something is not quite right. I don’t know, it was all very uncanny. But maybe that is part of the charm that makes Key West so appealing to so many people.

P.S. – Do yourself a favor, if you get the chance, try a Kona Longboard Island Lager! They are delicious.